Jobs Across the World | United Kingdom Experiencing Shortage of Engineers

July 1, 2017 | According to Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in Britain, employers are facing a unique problem. With unemployment in the UK at its lowest level since 2005, there is a shortage of workers in various industries throughout the country. One of the largest areas of concern is in engineering, as there are fewer trainees preparing for jobs.

This worker shortage is leaving a huge gap in some job categories, which range from accounting to engineering to hospitality. Jobs Across the World is an international job search service that helps foreign nationals who want to relocate to another country to work abroad. 

With this low unemployment rate, employers don't have a large enough pool of quality workers from which to choose their new employees. The trend is resulting in higher salaries, and yet, for at least 16 months, the number of candidates for various jobs has stayed low, causing concern for employers who don't have the manpower available to complete tasks.

You can get in touch with Jobs Across the World if you want to relocate to Britain during this time of opportunity for new employment possibilities. Within the UK, there are about 767,000 job vacancies according to the Office of National Statistics. Foreign nationals would be smart to take advantage of this shortage of workers to find new jobs in the UK.