Survey Finds Good Prospects for Jobs in India - Jobs Across the World

The job confidence in India ranked the highest in the Asia-Pacific market. Eighty-four percent of Indian professionals that participated in the survey indicated they saw a good economic future in the country. Jobs Across The World can help you find your dream job in various countries, including India.

According to the 2017 Michael Page Job Applicant Confidence Index, most of the Indian professionals saw their job and economic situation favorably in the coming months and rated it as “good to excellent.” Their Asia-Pacific equivalents’ confidence only ranked at 66 percent.

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The Michael Page Job Applicant Confidence Index (Q2 of 2017) rated the feedback from over 650 senior-level employees in India from various industries and organizations. A majority of the Indian professionals responded that their overall workplace condition was “good to excellent.” Included in this majority of evaluations were present job conditions, future job scenarios, and current job opportunities in their field of labor.

Although there has been an increase in automation and some recent layoffs, 73 percent were still confident of acquiring a job in the next three months. If you are looking for confidence in your job field and economic situation, consider India. Submit your resume to Jobs Across The World and let them match you with the perfect employer. They work with employers all around the world and can find the right opportunity for you.