Living and Working in Hong Kong vs. Singapore

Worldwide firms located in Singapore and Hong Kong have been in a close tie enticing talent to move to the city where their headquarters are located. Hong Kong had the upper hand, but an advance in technology and innovation has Singapore on the rise. Karen Koh, an employee of HRnetOne, said, “Twenty years ago, Hong Kong was a more popular expat destination than Singapore because of the job opportunities or the perception that banking was much hotter in Hong Kong.” Let Jobs Across the World match your resume with the perfect job opportunity for you.

There are many things to consider when choosing between the two cities. One of the top considerations is your salary. In the financial industry, Hong Kong salaries are around 25 percent higher than the Singapore wages. These statistics go across most industries. Both cities boast of low personal income taxes. The larger salaries in Hong Kong do not get you far, with Tokyo being the most expensive place to live in the area. In contrast, Singapore rates 24th in the most costly place to live. If either of these cities sound appealing to you, contact Jobs Across the World to find an available job in your career field.

The cost of housing is more in Hong Kong than in Singapore. Most companies will add a higher housing allowance or increase your pay to compensate for the higher rate. Singapore’s stock market has been lower than Hong Kong’s for the past five years. This has made local investments a better deal in Hong Kong. Singapore is the most expensive city across the globe to drive a vehicle, while Hong Kong has been known for the high levels of air pollution. In sum, both of these incredible cities offer advantages to expat workers. If you are still undecided on which city to relocate to, contact Jobs Across America for possible job opportunities in each location.