Japan Eyeing Foreign Workers to Fill High-Tech Jobs - Jobs Across the World

There is an enormous shortage of skilled IT engineers in Japan as of June 2017. Reports even show the deficit could grow to nearly 600,000 by 2030. If your skills are in the IT field and you are looking to relocate, contact Jobs Across The World.

Staffing firms have a plan in place to strengthen efforts for recruiting skilled laborers from Asian countries, while Project Indian Institutes of Technology (PIIT) is welcoming students from India to join the IT workforce. A symposium, “IT Human Resources Sought Overseas By Japanese Companies: an example of an internship program by IIT students,” organized by The Japan Times, was held to discuss the Japanese IT shortage. The group was comprised of leaders of companies accepting Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) students as interns along with other Indian students. They were all encouraged to share thoughts on the situation at hand. Jobs Across The World can help match your resume to an open IT position in Japan.

Fujifilm Software Co. is one company participating in PIIT, and they are seeing exceptional results. Shigeo Mizuno, the corporate vice-president, spoke up during the meeting, “Given the low birthrate, aging society, and a decreasing labor force, it’s very difficult for Japanese firms to survive if they stick to hiring only domestic human resources.” He felt most of the labor force working for Japanese companies would attest to the same idea.

Himanshu Tolani, an Indian student participating in the internship program, brought his perspective about working and living in Japan. He said IIT students are searching for opportunities to work abroad for many reasons. Higher pay scales, decreasing IT jobs, and learning a new culture are just a few of the benefits. With the lack of IT engineers in Japan and the gap of jobs-to-workers ratio growing, now is the time to submit your resume to Jobs Across The World.