Colorado in Need of Skilled Construction Workers | Jobs Across the World

Colorado is facing an immense scarcity of skilled workers in the construction field. The Colorado Homebuilding Academy is not able to put workers in the industry fast enough. Classes at the academy are in session six hours a week for people to learn the skills needed, and free training facilities are popping up in an endeavor to help launch employees’ careers. The shortage of skilled workers has reached a crisis level, as employees are needed immediately to build malls, office buildings, homes, and new roads. Jobs Across the World is an online employment solution ready to help you fulfill your relocation ambitions.

This crisis is not likely to turn the corner anytime soon. New residents are arriving daily and the real estate market is expanding at a rapid rate. The population of Colorado is predicted to swell to 6.43 million people (an addition of close to one million more citizens) in ten years. The Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University has estimated more than 95,000 open positions in the construction trades. This estimation is equal to a 38% increase from today’s numbers. The new residents of Colorado will need housing, and more roads and businesses will be needed to accommodate the growth as well. If you are a skilled worker looking for employment, Jobs Across the World stands ready to be of service to you.

An economic impact study, reported in January 2017 by the CSU researchers, shows in the next eight years, Colorado will be looking to hire employees for 56,000 new construction jobs, and due to workers retiring, 40,000 more could open. The business has 148,604 employees to date. The scarcity of workers is widespread across the nation, but specifically in Colorado. This state ranks lowest in unemployment, at 2.3%, and highest in growth rate. Lack of needed skills would be the only reason for being unemployed here.

Tony Anderson, the business development manager for the City of Denver Office of Economic Development, said, “The bottom line is that there is a significant amount of new workers that are needed to support this work. If those workers are not here and not trained, then there’s a fear that some of those projects won’t be able to happen.” He added, “The economy will continue to grow, but it will impede the rate at which the economy can grow.” Jobs Across the World helps people search for all types of jobs no matter where they are located. Contact them today for career opportunities.