British Movie Industry Seeks Workers for Jobs in UK - Jobs Across the World

It is a great time to consider transferring your skills set to the movie industry. The British film business is searching for 10,000 people to fill a gap in several different trades. Accountants, nail technicians, hairdressers, caterers, carpenters, security guards, and electricians are welcome and needed right now. Not many people realize this is an open opportunity. The film industry has begun a 26 million dollar campaign to advertise the process and explain how to get into this business. Now is the time to consider transferring your career. Start the process by contacting Jobs Across the World.

The campaign was masterminded by Amanda Nevill, British Film Institute chief executive, after having a conversation with Barbara Broccoli (Bond producer). The campaign will bring career advice to those leaving school, assistance for those from impoverished backgrounds, and additional qualifications for those wanting to change career paths. It will give guidance to students and parents to know what courses will be accepted by the industry. “There is every job you could possibly imagine in the film industry,” according to Nevill. “Everybody can have a career the issue is how to get them into the industry.” The film industry is an exciting place to use your skill set. Contact Jobs Across the World to see what opportunity awaits you.

The British Film Institute projects 30,000 jobs needing to be filled during the next five years. The high demand is due to generous tax breaks, which is making Britain an alluring landing place for filmmakers. Yorkshire, the area with the most growth in the television and film industry, is already feeling the skills shortage. To take advantage of the need for skill sets in the U.K., contact Jobs Across the World as soon as possible.