British Employers Increase Salaries to Attract Skilled Job Candidates - Jobs Across the World

Four hundred British companies surveyed by Open University showed a significant shortfall in skilled job candidates. This lack of experienced workers costs firms about 3.8 billion dollars due to higher pay and recruitment tactics. Six hundred and ten million dollars is spent on increased salaries and $2.2 billion on recruitment costs and temporary staff to fill the jobs. If you are a qualified worker wishing to relocate for a job, contact Jobs Across The World.

More than 200 corporations surveyed said they had to raise salary offers for skilled workers. Many thought the unpredictability over Brexit was the cause for the lack of skilled candidates. Larger businesses need to increase wages by $7,359 to attract skilled workers, while smaller firms are reporting an average wage hike of $5,478. Of the 400 companies surveyed, most revealed having trouble within the past year hiring employees with the needed skills. Finding the right job opening can be challenging. Contact Jobs Across The World, which is ready to assist in all possible ways.

Brexit, along with stricter immigration restrictions, have placed a damper on bringing skilled workers from overseas. The British government is cutting immigration to less than 100,000. Official data showed the amount of EU nationals employed in the UK declined in the last quarter of 2016. Reported by the Office for National Statistics, the number of European Union workers tumbled by 50,000 from October to December of last year. This decline continues to add to the fear of skilled employee deficits. With the many companies looking for qualified employees, now is the time to submit your resume to Jobs Across The World. Their experts will match your resume with open positions in Britain.