Big Data Analytics Creating Thousands of IT Jobs in India - Jobs Across the World

Rapid growth in the Big Data analytics field is generating job opportunities in India’s IT sector. Big Data analytics are forecasted to see an eight percent growth by 2025 rising to $16 billion from the current $2 billion. Experts are saying India is now within the top ten Big Data analytics industries in the entire world. Nasscom, an IT firm, has set a goal of making it in the top three by 2020. If analytics is your field of expertise and you are willing to relocate to India, contact Jobs Across the World to match you with the perfect job opportunity.

The success in the analysis sector has heightened the need for workers in the field. According to a study by Edvancer Adventures and Analytics India Magazine, the number of jobs has nearly doubled in size in the last year. Research from the Analytics & Data Science India Jobs Study 2017 has predicted around 50,000 current job opportunities in relation to analytics are available in India. These statistics suggest an increase in momentum in hiring in the field of analytics and data science in India. Jobs Across the World can match your resume with open analytics positions in India. Contact them today for more information.

Founder and CEO of Edvancer Eduventures, Aatash Shah said, “Jobs in analytics and data science have grown by 100 percent over the last year adding tens of thousands of employment opportunities.” He mentions a large part of the IT field works will need to update their skills in data science to take advantage of every opportunity available. To make the most of the Big Data analytics boom in India and find your dream job, contact Jobs Across the World and submit your resume.